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<font size="5" style="line-height:110%">Big events driving more online radio listening.</font>

Big events driving more online radio listening.

Bad weather and breaking news have long caused ratings spikes for radio. Now listeners are tuning to local stations online when a big story breaks or a huge storm hits.

Hackers silence Louisiana station.

Hackers hijacked a Louisiana radio station that was using old Windows software, leaving the station unable to control its computers and knocking the station off the air for about seven hours last Friday. The hackers, believed to have been from Russia, even sent ransom emails demanding cash from the station in exchange for the release its computers. MORE

Internet ad growth slowed in second quarter.

With total internet ad revenues up 13.8% to $11.7 billion in the second quarter, it’s unlikely the titans of online are crying in their pumpkin-spiced latte. But it was the smallest increase from first to second quarter since 2009 and considerably slower than the first quarter’s 16.4% growth rate or the 17.6% increase from one year earlier. MORE

FEMA head says FM in phones is a good call.

The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency is giving his backing to FM in cell phones. FEMA administrator Craig Fugate says having a portable radio powered by battery, solar, or hand crank is still critical during a disaster. But with more people relying on mobile phones, he says having FM in another device could prove useful. MORE

Reader Survey: FCC should stay out of Redskins controversy.

If FCC chair Tom Wheeler had any doubt about where the radio industry comes down on a role for his agency in the debate over use of the Washington Redskins’ name, a survey of Inside Radio readers should help clear that up. MORE

Rite Aid’s flu campaign gives radio a shot in the arm.

The national drug store chain Rite Aid aired 27,686 radio spots last week on radio stations tracked by Media Monitors, good enough to rank third on its weekly Spot Ten ranker. Broadcasters have the change of seasons to thank as Rite Aid is working toward a goal of administering three million flu shots. MORE

FCC mystery: who’s in the crosshairs?

In an extremely rare move, the FCC has announced it will hold a special meeting on Friday. The reason isn’t entirely clear other than a short notice that says the five commissioners will meet in public to discuss whether to take an enforcement action. Nothing else is on the agenda. Whether the item involves a broadcaster, the FCC isn’t saying. “Chairman Tom Wheeler wants to vote on the item soon because the statute of limitations — which is generally one year — is nearing,” a spokeswoman says.

Forecast: Programmatic ad spend to double by 2016.

Programmatic buying may only be dancing around the edges of radio and TV but it’s a full force gale online. Look for that to intensify, particularly in two areas where radio companies are increasingly focusing: online display advertising and mobile. MORE

Dallas FM won’t get second life from FCC.

The five FCC commissioners are upholding a Media Bureau decision to let Dallas market KTDK, Sanger, TX (104.1) remain off the air for good. Cumulus Media had originally attempted to sell the station to broker Bill Whitley in order to move forward with a long-term market agreement with ESPN to operate “103.3 ESPN Radio Dallas” KESN. MORE

Tim Spengler exits iHeartMedia.

One year after joining iHeartMedia, veteran advertising agency executive Tim Spengler has left the company. He tells Media Post he’s leaving to focus on his work with several emerging media companies. MORE

FTC cuffs radio advertiser.

The Federal Trade Commission’s ongoing crackdown on advertising has snagged another radio user. Health Formula had been telling listeners they could “burn fat without diet or exercise” and “shed pounds fast” for “extreme weight loss” by using its Simple Pure product. MORE

Maserati gets SiriusXM upgrade.

One might think that a Maserati buyer could afford to pay for their own satellite radio subscription, but even someone who spends $66,900 and up for a car likes to get something for free. So Sirius XM Radio will offer 2015 Maserati GranTurismo, Quattroporte or Ghibli buyers a three-month trial subscription of its All Access package. MORE


Strategic radio Solutions

Craig Fugate Discusses Value of FM Radio on Smartphones

Fugate highlights the importance of having access to local broadcasters' emergency information when other communications networks fail or become congested.