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Stern responds to Hall of Fame.


Howard Stern says he asked his audience not to vote for him in this year’s National Radio Hall Of Fame election. But after learning that he lost to a retired NPR news anchor, Stern unleashed some of his trademark vitriol.  “It’s almost ludicrous,” Stern said during his Monday Sirius XM show of Carl Kasell’s victory in the “national active” category.

“Even if you hate what I do, you couldn’t discount what I’ve accomplished. It’s laughable.”  Stern hasn’t fared well in radio award competitions.  Despite nearly 20 years in syndicated radio and a peak of more than 60 affiliates, Stern never won a Marconi from the NAB.  He used his latest Susan Lucci moment to tee off — not only on the National Radio Hall Of Fame, but the entire industry.  “The idea of having a radio hall of fame is ridiculous because there aren’t enough guys in radio that are good enough to even have one,” Stern said.  “The radio dial is just an abomination.  There’s such a lack of talent it’s sickening.”  Stern said his success isn’t due to extraordinary talent.  “It’s just that everybody else sucks.”

Stern wasn’t the only winless nominee to snipe at the RHOF.  Veteran Chicago personality Steve Dahl, who lost in the “local or regional pioneer” category, blogged about his loss last week. “Not making the Radio Hall Of Fame with Howard Stern is way cooler than making it with Terri Hemmert,” Dahl wrote of the WXRT, Chicago midday personality who won in the “active local or regional” category.

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