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Talk hosts hit the road for Romney.


Radio talk personalities often motivate people to go out and vote, but the presidential election is motivating some hosts to get out of the studio.   Salem talent will go out on a six-state tour, while Dial Global’s Dennis Miller is hitting the campaign trail with the Romney-Ryan campaign.

After entertaining the crowd at a debate-watching party last night in New York as part of a three-day, $50,000 a person fundraiser, Miller will appear at rallies scheduled for this week in the battleground states of Virginia and Florida.  Miller also entertained high-end donors last month at a Romney fundraiser in Los Angeles, after which the nominee said Miller’s humor was “uplifting” and “encouraging.” Dial Global says Miller will host his radio show from the road while campaigning.

Meanwhile, Salem Radio Networks says hosts including Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt and Mike Gallagher will appear in nine cities across six states in the coming weeks.  The “Battleground States Talkers’ Tour” will also feature actor Jon Voight to energize conservative voters.  Salem Radio president David Santrella says the free events will also “encourage informed participation in the democratic process.”  The Salem tour will include stops in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Colorado, including some markets where Salem owns stations.  “These events will be a terrific complement to the positive impact they have been making day in, day out throughout this cycle,” SRN president Greg Anderson says.


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