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Survey: Traditional media still tops for reach.


Digital may be the darling of Madison Avenue, but at least for the time being traditional media is still the best way to reach Americans.  A survey by KPMG International shows television and radio score best for reach.  The study found 74% of those surveyed reported listening to radio in the previous month, and 88% said they’d watched television.

Newspaper use has fallen off, but it’s still attracting more eyeballs than anything on the web. The best-performing digital platform was social media, used by 57% of survey respondents.   That’s not to say traditional media doesn’t face challenges.

A separate survey conducted by Aquent and the American Marketing Association found that one-quarter of ad buyers plan to decrease their focus on radio this year — and a third will put less attention on print and one-in-five say they’re less TV-focused.  Marketers say they’ll spend more time figuring out how to make online, mobile, and social media work for them.


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