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Password breach seen in EAS attack.

Radio and television engineers are being urged create new passwords on any EAS systems still using the factory-installed default passwords. That advisory comes after hackers broke into a Montana station’s system yesterday and broadcast a bogus alert. To ensure safety, experts say the systems should also be behind a firewall.

Viewers of Cordillera Communications’ KRTV-TV, Great Falls, MT were warned that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” and that they were “attacking the living” as they watched TV yesterday afternoon. It went on to tell people not to “approach or apprehend these bodies as they are extremely dangerous.” At least four calls to police were logged.

In a statement KRTV-TV says the message didn’t come from inside the station and it blames “hackers” for getting the bogus message on the air. “Our engineers our looking into the origin of the alert to make sure a similar occurrence does not happen again,” the station says. It’s not clear if any other stations were hacked or also aired the fake EAS message.

Listen to the EAS hack

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