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Arbitron pegs radio’s streaming cume at 5 million.


While it continues to have a long, drawn-out dialogue with its customers about measuring listening across platforms, Arbitron for the first time has broken out digital listening data from its national network radio ratings service. Data shows HD Radio multicasts reach 3.6 million persons aged 12+ and that the online streams of AM, FM and HD stations pull in 5.4 million 12+ listeners during an average week.

Adults aged 18-49 make up the majority of the streaming audience, numbering 3.5 million people in an average week the new RADAR 116 report shows. The streaming estimate is dramatically lower than the 76 million weekly online radio listeners that Arbitron and Edison reported one year ago in their annual Infinite Dial study but that larger number reflected both pureplays and broadcast streamers.  Methodological differences could also be at play. The Infinite Dial study is specifically intended to probe listening on emerging digital platforms and involved a telephone survey of 2,020 people. The new RADAR data is culled from Arbitron’s syndicated measurement service and involves a roughly 50-50 mix of PPM and diary survey data from 395,844 persons aged 12+ over a one-year period.

Meanwhile, large gains among Hispanics, Blacks and teens pushed radio’s national weekly audience to 242.8 million, according to Arbitron’ new RADAR 116 National Radio Listening Report, for a year-over-year increase of 1.6 million.  Among major age demos, teens show the largest gains, growing to nearly 23 million, while 18-34s held steady at 66.5 million.

In a reflection of the nation’s growing Latino population, Arbitron reports radio’s Hispanic audience grew by nearly 1.1 million during the past 12 months, reaching 95% of the demo.  Radio also saw gains among African American listeners across all major demos, with Blacks aged 18-34 accounting for the largest gain.


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