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Auto’s still playing big role in HD rollout.


Ibiquity estimates 25% to 30% of cars rolling off assembly lines this year will have HD Radio built into the dashboard.   With car sales forecast to reach 15.5 million in 2013, that should put another 4.6 million digital radio receivers into the marketplace.  That would top last year’s 3.9 million in receiver sales.

CEO Bob Struble says the company is forecasting similar growth rates over the next several years.  There are now more than 12 million HD Radios in use for the 10-year old technology, according to iBiquity. “Many broadcasters might be surprised that for most automakers today, AM/FM radio means HD Radio technology,” iBiquity CEO Bob Struble says, based on his time at the New York Auto Show this month.  He says based on his discussions with auto executives, they see digital radio as “fundamental” to keeping broadcast radio competitive in cars.

A walk around the auto show confirms dashboard competition as “intense” with all sorts of services vying for driver’s attention.  But with 33 car brands now featuring HD Radio as standard or optional, Struble says in a blog posting on the company’s website that the technology has been embraced by automakers and is essential to maintain radio’s relevance and competiveness in the digital dash.

Read the blog post HERE.


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