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“Area 102.9” lands in Albuquerque.


American General Media is using the combination of an AM and an FM translator to launch a new modern rock station in Albuquerque.   With a wink to UFO ground zero “Area 51”, the station will be branded “Area 102.9” and regional director of programming Bob Lewis says it will feature modern rock hits from the 1980s through today.

Market manager Suzy Rufail sees opportunities in taking a format course that transcends traditional rock boundaries.  “As an extension of the uniqueness of the format, we will also be offering distinctive cross-platform marketing solutions to our advertising partners that aren’t available elsewhere in the market,” she says in a statement.

American General Media will air the format on the translator K275AO at 102.9 FM and on KARS (840), which has most recently been off the air.  It goes up against Clear Channel’s harder-edge, more traditional modern rocker “104.1 The Edge” KTEG.  Arbitron says KTEG has seen its 12+ share cut in half in the past year.  In Spring 2012 KTEG had a 4.0 share.  But it had fallen to a 1.9 share in the Spring 2013 ratings.

“Area 102.9” is launching with 10,000 songs commercial free. Listen HERE.


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