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Arbitron asks court to keep Renda claim alive.


Arbitron is asking a federal court in Jacksonville, FL to move its suit against Renda Broadcasting forward.   Renda last month asked the court to throw out the lawsuit, saying it offered “little more than a few sparse” allegations that aren’t enough to support Arbitron’s claims.  But in a filing yesterday, the ratings company said its complaint offered enough to keep the case alive.

“Renda’s misconduct need not be spelled out in the complaint,” Arbitron tells U.S. District Court Judges Marcia Morales Howard.  Renda doesn’t have a group-wide deal with Arbitron and court papers indicate its Jacksonville cluster’s last contract for the data ran from May 2008 until December 2010.

Arbitron alleges that on “numerous occasions” over a 20-month period, Renda violated its copyright when Jacksonville general manager Bill Reese received ratings from a “longtime friend and business associate” at a local advertising agency.  “Obviously, having decided that the reports were essential to its business, Renda decided that it was cheaper to steal them than to pay for them,” Arbitron said in its latest filing, saying the court should force Renda to “bear the responsibility for its actions.”


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