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Account Executives - New York


Salem Media of New York is searching for an Account Executive for our news talk WNYM AM 970 and a Digital Sales Guru for WNYM AM 970 and WMCA 570 AM.

AE: We’re looking for great salespeople with a excellent track record of success who want to join our sales team! If you are a top sales performer and you want to take your career path to be the very best, this could be the job for you.

Digital Sales Guru Wanted: Looking for someone who loves digital and wants to sell. You are excited to share numbers and present in a creative way. You get "geeked" up about solving client problems with digital solutions. You perhaps read TechCrunch and Mashable every day... and work on a mac

If you are motivated to make a lot of money and are a competitive person who loves to win, call Steve Viehmeyer today: 201-298-2021 or send your resume to:

Equal Opportunity Employer.

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