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Jim Bohannon to remain a radio night owl.


Next month will mark two decades since Jim Bohannon took over as permanent host during Larry King’s late night shift.  Since then he’s built a following of his own without the controversy and cable news channel appearances of other talk personalities.  Dial Global, which announced a new multiyear agreement with Bohannon, says his show is now carried on more than 500 stations.

“Jim’s ‘militant moderate’ attitude is needed on radio now more than ever,” Dial Global EVP of news-talk programming Bart Tessler says. In addition to his nightly three-hour program, Bohannon also hosts the early-morning “America in the Morning” show for Dial Global.  Tessler says that dedication has earned him not only a loyal audience, but loyal advertisers as well.  Bohannon, 68, was also inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2003.


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