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Saturday, February 28, 2015




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Survey: Digital could expand contest pool.


Radio has no problem attracting its share “contest hogs” that’ll seemingly enter a contest no matter what it takes.  But new Kassof & Co. research looks at how to attract those who never bother to enter a contest.   It finds the best way may be to hang up the phone, so to speak.

Kassof says its survey showed among those who’ve never entered a contest, fewer than one-in-five were “very likely” to change that status if it meant dialing a phone and talking to someone at the station.  Just like in the rest of life, they’re more web-focused.   Roughly half said they’d likely enter a contest if they could do it on a website.  Nearly the same number was open to emailing an entry.  Perhaps most noteworthy is that while contest first-timers don’t want to use their phone to place a voice call to the station, one-quarter said they were “very likely” to enter a game by text message.  And 19% said they would use a station smartphone app.

“The bottom line is that broadening contest entry methods to include the internet has significant potential for expanding the pool of potential participants,” researcher Mark Kassof concludes.  The findings are based on 608 online surveys of 18-64 year-olds who listened to broadcast radio in the previous week.  The survey was conducted January 10-18.

Read more results HERE.


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