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Sunday, March 1, 2015




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Ron Paul comes to radio.


Former congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) has signed with Courtside Entertainment Group to host twice-a-day one-minute commentaries.   He’ll work with radio veteran and bestselling author Charles Goyette as his sidekick.   Courtside will also distribute the “Ron Paul’s America” features as a weekly podcast.

“There’s no questioning the fact that Ron Paul is one of today’s most impactful leaders. His thoughts and opinions have created a significant and loyal following that has made its presence known throughout the country,” Courtside chairman Norm Pattiz says. “That following includes college campuses, corporate offices and everything in between. His new radio show for Courtside and his digital presence via podcasting create a platform that will be hugely successful.”

Paul says he views radio and podcast as a “much more powerful means of communication” than speaking on the floor of Congress.


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