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Service Broadcasting in Dallas, Texas (K104-FM, KRNB-F) is seeking a Director of Engineering position.

The Director of Engineering answers directly to the stations Owner and works closely with the stations’ Programming, Marketing, Sales, Accounting and Promotions staff.

There are two class C licenses, one for K104 at 104.5 and the other being KRNB at 105.7.  There are both Fiber links and microwave paths to these sites from the Studios at Arlington. The on-air playback uses MediaTouch software on Dell 7810 computers for the main and Dell 5810 computers for backup.

Operators are trained to switch from main to back up in the studios. Production uses MediaTouch software for production and ties in to Traffic. Voice Tracking is a part of this package . The Studio Location uses a Wheatstone system with 35 blades and 11 PC blades. Engineering is the location where all this is tied together. Playback, VoxPro, and internet computers are located back in Engineering with remote control to the studios via Adderview DDX30 switches.

There is a central control position where most station functions can be viewed and controlled. It is also the location for our own network cloud storage and network servers for the on air audio. We also have an IP based cable TV system. Fiber is terminated for internet connections. The phone system is a Mitel system. All floor network wiring is terminated in engineering for internet and phones. We use three wireless internet hubs at different locations on the floor.

The main duties are as follows:

  • Protect the FCC license
  • Work with Director of Operations  and station ownership to create and execute station Engineering Plan including maintenance schedule, short term projects, and long term projects
  • Install, repair, and maintain all equipment necessary to broadcast programming content, including studios, rack room, and towers
  • Respond as quickly as possible to put stations back on the air when they are knocked off due to weather or technical breakdown
  • Maintain the highest quality broadcast signal possible
  • Oversee all IT needs for the company including Sales offices
  • Provide Director of Operations a weekly update of work recently completed, what the next priorities are, and the status of any engineering and IT issues
  • Work with Director of Operations and Controller on resolving any building maintenance issues
  • Work with vendors to explore upgrades to equipment or facilities when necessary
  • Be thoroughly familiar with FM Transmission, AM Directional, Satellite , Network and Audio Systems
  • Be able to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair from system level to component level
  • Help stations have a positive impact in the community
  • Primary troubleshooter for building support systems & contact maintenance contractors as needed. i.e.: A/C/Plumbers
  • Any additional duties deemed necessary by Supervisor

If you feel you are qualified candidate, please submit your resume to:

Debbie Henry,  HR Director:  

No calls please.  EOE. 





Service Broadcasting is an Equal Opportunity employer - EEO