Details for General Manager



Being a radio general manager is still a great profession. “Yeah” you say “sure, then why do I have a heavy heart and a tense body when I pull into my parking lot every morning?”

Well, it’s not you. It’s your environment, and you know that too.

Saga Communications has been in business for going on 34 years. We don’t lose money or managers. We empower managers. We champion managers. We provide the tools necessary for success and pride of performance.

We encourage unity of staff and laughter. Our facilities are very nice, and our equipment is state of the art. Our staffs are very committed to treating radio with respect and responsibility to our communities.

Perhaps by now, you are asking “what’s the point of this read?”

It is to tell you about us…and ask you to remember us WHEN you are looking for a safe harbor and a great career.

Looking for people to join us as a manager shouldn’t start when someone retires, which happens more and more frequently as the years go by. An understanding, a relationship, a curiosity starts now.

Let us please get to know you on a confidential basis. In 34 years, we have never been accused of breaching a confidence.

Don’t hesitate to call or write and just tell us that you would like to know more about Saga and where we see the future, perhaps your future. We need to know more about you as there is an opportunity and we can establish a discussion and relationship.

There is no downside in an introduction and saying hello and learning more. There is, however, a tremendous upside and perhaps a fulfilling and fruitful career opportunity ahead.

Thanks for taking a moment and reading this. Please respond to