Details for Here’s A Great Work from Home Freelance Ad Sales opportunity!


Radio Advertising consultants that know how to go direct to a client and talk their language are some of the best idea sellers alive! I want to hire you on a part time freelance plan.

I was you 25+ years ago. And I am still you today, as President of Airtime Media. I want idea sellers just like you to keep expanding. We are and continue to be Direct Response Radio and TV Marketing experts. We have turned the concept of “PI Radio and TV” into platform that can drive thousands of calls a week.

Your opportunity is to call on national advertising clients and book appointments so we can close them together. We even provide most of the leads. It’s a simple concept, you bring the right clients to me, we close them together, I take over from there and you’re off to finding more deals.

If you are looking for a way to make extra part time money, I will hire you if you fit the bill. And like I said if you are good, I will make this worth your time! Plus, we are always looking for ways to drive Leads.

if you have ideas call or email me. 203-329-9600.