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Why You Need a Social Media Strategy for Your Events

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Events provide an opportunity for radio stations and advertisers to interact and engage with fans in person and online. However, the digital aspects of an event often get neglected; not to mention that it’s difficult to create good digital content with the chaos of a crowd. If you don’t already have a social media strategy for your events — Here are 5 reasons why you should!

1) Events create a targeted and engaged audience that is easy to access online.

2) With a social media strategy and activation team to execute it, your event will have a larger reach.  You will also get a boost with your online engagement.

3) Interactive event promotions can turn a one-time interaction into a lasting connection via social media.

4) According to Harvard University, 40% of users will increase purchases from an advertiser due to the influence of their friends on social media. You can create social media brand advocates at events.

5) Sponsors are more likely to jump onboard when they can measure the impact of an event. Social media is easy to measure and will give your sponsors a return on their investment. 

If your company would benefit from effective interactive event promotions, take a look at Snapifeye.  Snapifeye has worked with radio stations across the country to amplify events and increase digital revenue.

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