Rush Limbaugh NEW

Kathryn Limbaugh, the wife of the late conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, appeared on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” Monday (Feb 22) to take calls and answer questions from listeners of the program.

“This is appointment radio,” fill-in host Mark Steyn said Friday, Feb. 19. “You will have the opportunity to ask Rush’s beloved Kathryn, the great love of his life, a few questions that maybe the rest of us can’t answer, not necessarily about the radio show and all the rest of it, but maybe what Rush was like when he was off the airwaves, things that only Kathryn will know.”

Steyn is among guest hosts who will anchor the program, which continues to utilize the voice of Limbaugh through decades of audio archives during what is described as a transitional period “until his audience is prepared to say good-bye,” show syndicator Premiere Networks said last week.

Following the opening of Monday’s program by Steyn, Kathryn Limbaugh, born Kathryn Rogers, said that the past week has “been a very difficult time” but she knew that “Rush is in heaven, looking down upon us.”

Limbaugh’s widow said she is in the “initial stages of planning a celebration of life” for her late husband. The virtual memorial service will be for Rush’s “audience, friends and extended family,” she continued. A date for the memorial is not yet set, with information coming in the “upcoming weeks and months,” she said.

Before going to callers, Steyn asked Kathryn to recount how the two met: She was working for the Gary Player Foundation and was asked to invite Limbaugh to an event, not fully knowing who the talk show host was. “I remember it as if it was yesterday,” she said of their first in-person contact. “He was humble and kind.”

Calls to the program included some who just wanted to pay their respect to the late host with another asking how the couple were able to convince Elton John to sing at their wedding ceremony. Kathryn recounted the story of their friendship and said that “Your Song” was their favorite Elton John track and that she played it for him during his final days.