20 20 A Killing On the Cape

As part of its continuing commitment to podcasting, ABC Radio has teamed with “20/20” to launch a six-episode podcast leading to the Nov. 24 telecast of “20/20: A Killing On the Cape.” Both podcast and television broadcast offer new details on a crime that rocked the idyllic seaside town of Truro, Cape Cod—the 2002 murder of Christa Worthington.

The reports take a look at all the evidence in the case, investigating whether the right man is behind bars. Fifteen years after the murder, Christopher McCowen—who was convicted for the murder—speaks from jail in his first broadcast interview while he is fighting for freedom, claiming his innocence.

The ABC Radio six-part podcast will release its first episode Wed., Oct. 25, with new episodes made available each Wednesday. The two-hour special edition of “20/20: A Killing On the Cape,” airs Fri., Nov. 24 on ABC.

The new offering is the latest example of how ABC Radio is extending some of its sister TV network brands and programming into the podcast space. Working with ABC News’ “Nightline,” ABC Radio on Oct. 3 helped launch a seven-part multiplatform series on an unsolved murder case, “A Murder on Orchard Street.”

“Good Morning America” coanchor Robin Roberts just marked the second season of “Everybody’s Got Something,” her highly acclaimed ABC Radio podcast. And in June ABC Radio launched “Motivated,” a podcast hosted by ABC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo focusing on health, wellness, nutrition and spirituality.