Bringing America Back

The latest positive sign of a country returning to normal comes from ABC Audio which is relaunching its coronavirus daily show and podcast to better reflect the reopening that is spreading across the globe. Starting Tuesday, May 26, the show known as “COVID-19: What You Need to Know” will be called “Bringing America Back: What You Need to Know.” The daily, one-hour radio program and podcast will continue to be hosted by ABC News correspondent Aaron Katersky.

The show will pivot from explaining what COVID-19 is and how to prevent its spread to updating listeners about the medical and economic effects of the pandemic. That includes the latest outbreak numbers and treatment developments, as well as what cities and towns that are reopening are doing, and what our new normal looks like. In addition to Katersky, Bringing America Back will feature ABC's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

“Our main goal is always to provide coverage that ensures listeners have the information they need to make informed decisions,” said Stacia Philips Deshishku, VP and General Manager of ABC Audio. “As we enter the next phase of this pandemic, our re-launch and re-focus goals remains the same. We’ll report the information that Americans are seeking most as parts of the country begin to reopen, including what the new normal could look like for the virus, for the economy and for everyday life.”

ABC declined to release any download numbers, but Chartable data shows the podcast has been a top 20 daily news category podcast in the U.S. during the past two weeks. The radio program airs each evening across ABC News Radio’s vast network of broadcast affiliates and the network says the show is heard by millions of listeners across the country.