Among a flurry of tech announcements timed to coincide with CES, digital audio ad tech startup Frequency has announced a partnership with Reznick Digital, founded by Mike Reznick, formerly executive VP of Ad Sales at Triton Digital. Under the new alliance, Reznick Digital will provide business development and strategy to help Frequency expand its audio footprint.

Launched in March 2017, Frequency provides advertisers and publishers with tools to help build and deliver creative across any digital audio publisher. Its Dynamic Audio product offers customized digital audio ads based on time of day, the listener’s specific location and demographics, and environmental conditions such as weather and road traffic.

Reznick, who earlier was president of ad sales at DAX U.S., says the goal of the alliance is to give advertisers creative freedom, control and an understanding of the impact their campaigns have on their target audiences. Frequency’s technology, he says, “empowers the entire industry to take the next steps forward -- building, managing, and delivering the right creative to the right audience, leading to more effective and efficient audio campaigns.”

The ability to customize the creative message in spot campaigns is one of the top attractions for programmatic buying of online audio.

Frequency’s Dynamic Audio product uses a self-serve creative management platform that allows advertisers to personalize audio creative to target audiences in near real time. The company has previously worked on dynamically targeted programmatic ad campaigns with digital advertising platform AdsWizz for clients like Terra’s Kitchen, the fresh meal delivery service.

Pete Jimison, CEO and founder of Frequency and its sister company, F Sharp, which specializes in digital music advertising, says the partnership will bring Frequency’s technology to a wider audience. “We share a tech-first approach, which really should be the main focus for the entire audio industry in order to drive innovation for the benefit of advertisers,” Jimison said of Reznick.

Frequency says it is currently testing its technology with the largest demand-side platforms for greater scale in 2018.