NuVoodoo Media Services

Count FM radio among the things a plurality of Millennials say they can’t live without. A study of thousands of 14-64 year-olds from NuVoodoo Media Services finds 51% of Millennials say they are “addicted” to their favorite FM station. Nearly half of Gen Xers and one-third of Baby Boomers and Gen Z-ers reported the same addiction to FM radio.

Across the entire sample, 44% said they are addicted to their favorite FM station and 27% to their favorite AM station.

The results are from the latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study of nearly 4,000 respondents, ages 14-64, including a proportional group of over 700 Baby Boomers, across all PPM markets. Most importantly, the FM-addicted numbers shoot up to roughly 7 in 10 among the subset who’d be likely to participate in either Nielsen methodology and the AM-addicted numbers push up to well over half among those “Nielsen likeliest.”

“As is often the case, once we cross-tab results against that portion of our sample that would likely accept an invitation from Nielsen Audio to be a part of the radio ratings, addiction levels to AM/FM radio stations rises significantly, nearly matching social/smartphone usage,” said Leigh Jacobs, Executive VP, Research Insights, NuVoodoo Media Services, in a press release. “It’s a perfect storm for radio stations playing the Nielsen game: influencing the most addicted listeners on the devices and in media environments where their habit is unbreakable.”

While radio stations hold up well in the NuVoodoo study, given the many media choices today, smartphones scored higher on the addiction index. Three-quarters of the sample overall and 6 in 7 among Millennials say they are addicted to their smartphone. Gen X is slightly less addicted to their mobile device (76%) and Boomers were the least hooked (54%). Across the entire sample, 75% said they were addicted to their smartphone.