Alex Jones

Syndicated far-right talk show host Alex Jones’ radio reach is being questioned. This comes after his other distribution platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and Apple – have pulled podcasts and suspended his video livestreams. Jones’ syndicator, Genesis Communications Network, lists 83 affiliates. says the number is much smaller than that.

While Jones does not list affiliates on his own InfoWars website, the Genesis list, which is four years old, offers a starting point as to where the host is still actually heard over-the-air. Going off of the affiliate list, says at least 42 stations no longer air the host, who is known for his conspiracy theories.

The publication looked at another list of affiliates it found on Jones’ “Prison Planet” website “and this makes the picture look even sadder,” the article stated. “These were different stations, and 39 out of the 42 referenced on that site do not broadcast Alex's shows anymore. That is a total of 81 affiliates that are referenced in Alex's own or GCN's promotional material that he has does not broadcast on.” found that Jones’ program is heard in eight of the top 10 markets – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix and Denver – with most of the signals being in the suburbs of the market. Only two of the stations in the top markets air the show live, the article said. From the full list of 42 radio stations that found to carry the program, only 11 air it in its live 11am-3pm daypart.