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Monthly podcast use for Blacks and Hispanics has doubled over the past five years, according to a newly released study from Nielsen, “Audio Today 2019: A Focus on Black and Hispanic Consumers. The 14-page report offers a deep dive into Black and Hispanic user profiles, listening preferences and audio trends.

Blacks’ tune-in to podcasts has escalated from 2.35 million in 2014 to 4.63 million in 2019. For Hispanics, the number has also doubled, from 2.84 to 6.75 million, Nielsen reports.

“Radio use among Black and Hispanic consumers has never been higher. More than 75 million tune in every week. And new technologies, including smart speakers, voice assistant and podcasts are making the bond between audio and these listeners even stronger,” Nielsen writes in the report.

In fact, as smart speaker penetration continues to rise, Black and Hispanic consumers are listening to more podcasts. Among weekly audio activities when utilizing smart speakers, 51% of Blacks 18+ said they listen to podcasts and/or audiobooks, while 40% of Hispanics do so. In addition, 32% of Blacks and 42% of Hispanics said they listen to more podcasts as a result of owning a smart speaker.

The “Audio Today 2019” report also reveals that the average age of both Black and Hispanic podcast listeners is 39; among Black podcast listeners, 46% are male, 54% female; while with Hispanics, the split is 50/50%. Among both groups, 92% also use radio weekly.

For Black podcast listeners, the most popular categories are comedy, news, music, society & culture and health; and for Hispanics, news, comedy, society & culture, music and education.

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