Mastery of Comedy

Angela Yee launches a digital series “Mastery of Comedy,” which is available on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Yee, co-host of the Premiere Networks-syndicated “The Breakfast Club,” says the series is based on the “speed dating meets comedic mentorship” concept she created for Facebook’s “We The Culture” content program, Respect Magazine reports.

Yee worked with producer Rikki Hughes on the eleven-episode weekly series, through Hughes’ production company Magic Lemonade Productions. The series explores what it takes to be a successful stand-up comedian.

“I was interested in combining the process of what it takes to become a successful comedian with mentorship, and I wanted to offer comedians around the world a lens into what it takes to develop a set that keeps the audience launching and engaged,” she says.

“Masters of Comedy” pairs veteran comedians with new comics who are looking for help advancing their careers. The mentors include Donnell Rawlings, Aida Rodriguez, Karlous Miller and Roy Wood, Jr.

Respect Magazine says “Rawlings brings a ‘to the point’ mentorship style. Aida teaches her mentee to bring their lived experiences to life with satiric storytelling by being ‘authentic and conversational.’ While Karlous shares his beliefs that ‘it’s the delivery, the comedian, the mindset, the body language’ that makes a good comedian with his mentee.”