GaleForce Digital

The market for advertising attribution services is getting mighty crowded. GaleForce Digital Technologies, which provides media software to ad agencies, has updated its MediaForce planning and buying tool to allow clients to see which of their radio and TV spots are driving more web traffic. The company’s new MediaInsights tool links a client's Google Analytics account with its media plan within MediaForce’s software, to show correlations between media schedules and web traffic.

Numerous radio companies have partnered with attribution services such as LeadsRx, C3Metrics, AnalyticOwl and Elytics to better demonstrate return on investment to clients. Typically the business model involves the radio company charging clients a fee for access to an interface that allows them to see how their spots impacted online search activity, website visitation and even foot traffic to brick and mortar stores.

Broadcasters that have connected clients to these platforms say they’re capturing a larger share of client ad budgets – and keeping them on the air longer.

What appears to differentiate MediaInsights is that it is intended for media buyers that use the MediaForce planning and buying tool, which positions itself as “the platform designed by media buyers for media buyers.” Among the granular data media buyers can track is information by vendor, spot count, spend, time (week, day, hour, minute), page views, goal completions, and web traffic down to the local level.

The tool has made a fan of Christopher Sommella, VP of Media for Strategic Marketing, an agency that specializes in the auto industry. In the announcement, Sommella says the tool "has provided great new understanding into the effectiveness of our media buys, helping us uncover opportunities and confirm the value of the media we're placing.” In addition to allowing advertisers and agencies to track the effectiveness of their campaigns, MediaForce says it provides “advanced reach and frequency calculation.” It is also integrated with both ComScore and Nielsen ratings and can interface with popular accounting software programs.