Grammy-nominated artist K.Flay has launched a “microcast” designed specifically for smart speakers. Produced by audio entertainment marketing company PopCult Worldwide, “what am i doing here” is the first personality-driven programming distributed by SpokenLayer, a provider of voice content for virtual assistants and connected devices.

Hosted and curated by K.Flay, the less-than-10-minute weekly podcast was launched to support Flay’s latest Interscope album release “Solutions,” amid her current worldwide tour. Each show aims to answer the geographical and philosophical question, “What am I doing here?” according to a release. The act records live via a mobile recording studio with high-quality microphones for her iPhone, alongside apps for recording phone calls. Listeners then access via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

“The microcasts feature conversations, jokes, musical interludes,” as well as guests, friends and family. “Whether K.Flay decides to record in a supermarket, the tour bus or on the phone with her mom or kindergarten-aged niece, the microcast transports the listener into the world within her smart-speaker vs. standard studio recordings.”

PopCult Worldwide is overseeing the technology and partnership between Interscope and SpokenLayer. PopCult partners Dennis Scheyer (DTM Radio Networks, Scheyer/SF, Zynga) and Lars Murray (former Pandora, Sony Music, Virgin Records) teamed in 2018 to provide content and technology development services to an audio market that is rapidly evolving beyond podcasting and radio, propelled by smart assistants and streaming technology, according to the release.

“K.Flay is an innovator in the space and feels it’s important to provide this unique content everywhere her fans are listening via voice assistants, given their current prevalence and their future potential for growth in the home, the car and on mobile,” Murray said. “(We) knew she would be inventive enough to make the technology her own as a way to expand upon her artistic vision and ensure her fans were along for the ride. ‘what am i doing here’ is an important milestone, a statement of artist identity in a world beyond screens.”

Added K.Flay, “As an artist, I’ve always looked toward the future, musically, visually and now technologically. Given my love of the traditional podcast, I felt it was the logical and creative next step to share another side of myself with my fans.”

Each episode of “what am i doing here?” is available via smart speakers for a week before being archived on YouTube. To listen to past episodes, visit HERE.