German-based audio streaming company Aupeo, which was purchased in 2013 by Panasonic and integrated into the company’s “Panasonic OneConnect” platform, has announced that it “will cease general public operations” as of Nov. 30. However the company notes that drivers of Audi vehicles will continue to have access to its service.

It’s unclear whether the shutdown affects Panasonic’s content delivery program, “OneConnect,” which uses technology developed by Aupeo to allow car companies and other brands to communicate directly with drivers and provide them with “relevant content and contextual information.” Panasonic has been making OneConnect available to auto manufacturers to add as an audio integration feature, letting them connect with drivers via their infotainment systems. Beyond sending notifications on software update service reminders, it also allows drivers to more easily initiate phone calls, schedule software updates, set reminders, update flight information or—upon request—obtain special offers from nearby businesses.

In April, Panasonic’s OneConnect partnered with Triton Digital’s Tap OnDemand advertising platform, which enables auto manufacturers and brand partners to send audio messages directly to the car. The alliance gave automakers and their partners a direct audio pipeline into the car, the location where more radio is consumed than any other.