Global podcasting platform Audioboom has announced a strategic partnership with the recently launched The Podcast Exchange to sell Audioboom’s podcast inventory in Canada. The nation is Audioboom’s fourth largest territory for podcast consumption, and TPX will work with advertising agencies and brands throughout the country to increase revenue for Audioboom’s publisher partners.

TPX uses market research, advanced metrics and geo-targeting to give advertisers better access to the Canadian podcast audience, as Inside Radio reported last week when the company’s launch was announced. Audioboom’s publisher partners in Canada include “Casefile,” “No Such Thing As A Fish” and “Undisclosed”; and original content podcasts including “The 45th,” “Empty Frames,” “It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey,” “Mafia,” “Mission To Zyxx” and “Night Call.”

The partnership between Audioboom and TPX, according to Audioboom COO Stuart Last, will “expand our global footprint as we continue to create maximum value for our podcast partners across multiple territories. Canada is a key market for Audioboom and The Podcast Exchange brings the expertise to connect those fans with brands and advertisers.”

The announcement of Audioboom’s alliance with TPX comes one day after U.K.-based Audioboom committed to buy Triton Digital’s parent company, Triton Digital Canada Inc., for $185 million. Under a reverse takeover, Triton’s management team will run the combined company under the name Triton Digital Group.

Triton Digital chief executive Neal Schore, who will lead the combined company, says the marriage will expand Triton’s global footprint, enlarge its workforce and complement its technology. “The pieces of Audioboom’s technology fit squarely into Triton’s stack,” he told Inside Radio Wednesday “We will remain a technology company focused on servicing the media industry.”

The deal will give Triton more resources with which to develop new products and flesh out its technology. “We’ll have more resources to move faster and continue to innovate,” Schore said.

Audioboom focuses on the rapidly growing podcast space, hosting, monetizing and distributing podcasts from 400 broadcasters, content creators and podcasters around the world. Triton provides digital audio technology, measurement and other services for broadcasters and web pureplays, operating in 45 countries.

The combined company, as Inside Radio reported, plans to introduce new podcast data and analytics products in the coming months, Schore said, as an extension to its Webcast Metrics streaming audio measurement service. But with Triton’s focus on technology, it’s unclear what the merger means for Audioboom’s podcast content and sales business – areas where Triton doesn’t currently operate. Schore said that is “under review” and the company will work through those details, and adopt an integrated organizational chart before closing.

The Podcast Exchange is also a new entity to the space. Its formation was just announced a week ago in which it heralded “the maturing of the industry” from a focus on content creation, by working with advertisers and marketing strategists “to harness the full potential of the Canadian podcast audience.”

TPX is backed by Canadian radio broadcast group Slaight Communications, and co-founded by Jean-Marie Heimrath, former president of Standard Broadcasting’s Sound Source Networks and Iceberg Radio. Heimrath, who serves as president and CEO of the new company, says the TPX has the opportunity “to nurture win-win scenarios, marrying content and branding opportunities with relevance to Canadian listeners.”

Jeff Ulster, co-publisher of The Canadian Podcast Listener report, co-founded the company with Heimrath. Ulster is a former director of digital talk content for Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) and has experience working with U.S. partners NPR, Midroll, PRX and Apple. Rounding out the group is Bob Kane, who joins TPX as VP of sales after six years at CBC.