NielsenN - 375

With the exception of a switch at the top spot in Providence and a tie in Jacksonville, the leaders in 10 of the 12 markets with total week 6+ PPM ratings reported by Nielsen in Day 4 of August PPMs are just as they were in July. In the process, the Adult R&B format continues to claim top-station honors in three markets, while Adult Hits, Classic Hits and News/Talk hold onto their two.

With days 1 through 4 covering 44 markets, the updated leaderboard shows 11 crowns for Classic Hits, 10 for News/Talk, and seven for both Adult Contemporary and Adult R&B.

Rock Rolls Over Country In Providence

iHeartMedia rocker WHJY (7.9-7.2-11.7), the regular champ as of late in Providence, returns to the top in a big way, with double-digit dominance over July's winner, Hall Communications “Cat Country 98.1” WCTK (7.8-8.0-8.4), which continues to grow in the runner-up slot. Moving from fifth to third is Cumulus CHR WPRO-FM (6.0-5.8-6.5).

In Jacksonville, the usual topper, Cox Media Group classic hits “The Eagle” WJGL (11.1-10.7-9.9) has to settle for a tie with consistent second-placer Renda Broadcasting AC WEJZ (10.2-8.5-9.9), while Cox's news/talk sister WOKV-FM/KRMG-AM-FM (8.1-8.1-7.9) stays in third.

Adult R&B Continues Its Triple-Dip

Again in August, Adult R&B stations remain at number one in the Greensboro, Memphis and Norfolk markets. In Greensboro, Audacy's WQMG (11.6-11.9-11.3) holds its lead over Dick Broadcasting classic rock “Rock 92” WKRR (9.1-9.5-10.1), while Audacy's adult hits 'brother' “Simon” WSMW (7.8-8.6-9.2-10.0) steps from fourth to third. The top three stay the same in Memphis, where iHeart's “V101” KJMS (9.9-10.0-10.0-10.6) leads inspirational gospel sister “Hallelujah 95.7” WHAL (9.7-9.4-9.4) and Cumulus R&B oldies WRBO (8.1-8.1-8.6). And in Norfolk, Audacy's “95.7 R&B FM” WVKL (11.9-12.8-12.1) stays in front of Sinclair Broadcast Group adult hits “Bob FM” WNOB (7.1-6.7-7.1) as Audacy's AC sister “2WD” WWDE (6.2-5.8-5.9) moves from fourth to third.

Meanwhile, Adult Hits holds its lead in Austin and Nashville. In Austin, Sinclair's “Bob FM” KBPA (11.5-11.9-10.4) continues its double-digit dominance over University of Texas all-news KUT (8.1-8.7-9.0) and iHeart country KVET (4.6-5.1-5.8-6.3). Midwest Communications' “Jack FM” WCJK (9.3-8.4-8.5) maintains its lead in Nashville over surging Cumulus news/talk WWTN (6.5-6.3-7.8) and Cumulus country “Nash Icon 95.5” WSM-FM (7.1-7.4-7.0).

Those Other ACs

Audacy soft AC, Hartford's “Lite 100.5” WRCH (13.3-12.4-10.8), continues its reign over iHeart “Country 92.5” WWYZ (7.4-7.6-7.7-8.8) and Connecticut Public news/talk WNPR (6.2-6.9-7.8). In West Palm Beach, it's again an unchanged top three with Hubbard Broadcasting hot AC WRMF (9.0-9.2-8.3) leading iHeart AC “Kool 105.5” WOLL (8.5-7.7-6.8) and Hubbard AC sister “Sunny 107.9” WEAT (6.0-5.2-5.6).

Cumulus classic hits WJJK (10.7-9.5-9.4) stays at number one in Indianapolis, while Urban One adult R&B WTLC-FM moves from fifth into second place, and Emmis news/talk WIBC (7.0-8.2-8.0) slips from second to third. And no change in both Day 4 markets with News/Talk champs: in Raleigh-Durham, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's WUNC (10.2-9.3-9.8) stays ahead of Urban One adult R&B “Foxy 107.1/104.3” WFXC/WFXK (7.4-7.1-8.1) and Capitol Broadcasting AC “Mix 101.5” WRAL (7.8-7.7-7.5), while in Milwaukee, Good Karma Brands' WTMJ (8.9-8.9-8.2) still leads iHeart classic hits “95.7 Big FM” WRIT (7.9-7.1-7.6) and news/talk sister WISN (6.5-6.8-7.2).

All numbers quoted are 6+ AQH shares, Mon-Sun, 6am-12midnight.