American Urban Radio Networks

Just one in ten podcast listeners are African American according to Edison Research but the number is growing. Now, American Urban Radio Networks aims to be a provider of ad dollars to fuel shows targeting that audience. AURN has formed a partnership with Pod Digital Media, the multicultural podcast network created by a group of former agency and brands executives. Under the alliance AURN will handle sales duties for the podcast publisher’s more than 50 African American-targeted shows in Pod Digital Media’s portfolio.

"Partnering with AURN is just good business sense," said PDM founder Gary Coichy in the announcement. "AURN is a leader in the urban radio space, which gives PDM unlimited access to countless large and influential brands. We're honored to be the podcast arm to their expansive inventory."

AURN reaches nearly 25 million listeners a week on more than 500 radio affiliates with their over-the-air programming. The radio syndicator says its partnership with Pod Digital Media allows the company to pair up the broadcast inventory with an expanded menu of digital inventory. “Entering the podcast space will be a significant extension for AURN, with some 50 different podcasts with an estimated reach of nearly three million listeners,” said Andy Anderson, President of Sales at AURN.

Pod Digital Media and AURN will debut their platform next month during Black History Month.

"AURN has been a key player in the industry for more than 47 years,” said Anderson. “Combining AURN's broadcast reach, position as the number one radio network targeting African-Americans and our longevity in the business with a strong podcasting platform makes for a natural partnership and an ideal way to tap into the projected one-billion dollar market for multicultural podcast content.”

Edison Research reported last August that Millennials are driving the growth of African American podcast listening. Its Share of Ear data showed that during the second quarter of 2019 the daily reach of podcasts among 18-34 year old African Americans was 20.2% — a faster growth rate than any other group among this key age group for podcasters. Hispanics were close behind at 19.6% as both groups outperformed the overall 17.3% reach figure for podcasts among Millennials.