Veritonic Audio Ad Index

As part of the data and insights it provides on audio marketing, Veritonic rates how well commercials perform with listeners. The firm is now releasing a monthly Audio Ad Index that will provide a snapshot of which audio spots are performing the best across traditional radio, podcasts, and streaming audio services.

Leading the pack in January was AutoZone, which garnered a purchase intent score of 76 – or 21 points above the category’s average score. Veritonic said AutoZone scored high by focusing their spot on helping people get ready for the cold weather. “The brand punctuates the ad with practical offers — a free battery test, a free charge — to support the message,” said Veritonic. But it was also the creative execution. Veritonic said AutoZone’s sonic decisions for this ad “match the content well” adding, “The spot is very upbeat, leveraging music that the brand uses consistently across its ads.”

McDonald’s ranked second, outperforming the fast-food category by 18 points. It was as similar margin for ZipRecruiter, which ranked third.

“Many of January’s winning audio ads hovered around cultural relevance with messages of hope and help at a practical level,” said Veritonic in a blog post. It pointed to No. 8 Indeed, whose job-search ad message focused on a woman who has started her own meal prep business. “Indeed has a strong message of hope in the market right now, and their winning audio ad in this period was no exception,” said Veritonic.

But some ads worked even though they kept things practical. That was the case for Home Depot, which had a top ten performing spot with a pragmatic “more time at home means more wear and tear” message.