Ben Shapiro

Since the Ben Shapiro podcast-to-radio program launched in April on eight stations, it has rapidly grown to 60 markets, including five of the top 10. As a result, the show is expanding its over the air reach via Westwood One, with a nationally syndicated two-hour live radio show. The first live episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show” will air in January 2019.

The new version of the show adds two hours live to the current one-hour podcast broadcast, and will air 4-6pm, anchored from Cumulus Media’s WABC (770) New York. According to Westwood One’s announcement, “Breaking the mold once again, the live radio show will forego nationally recorded ads, and restrict advertising opportunities to a limited number of live reads like the ones heard in Ben’s podcast.”

Shapiro comments, “I grew up on talk radio and cut my teeth there. There’s no medium that allows the exchange of ideas and the explanation of detailed narratives better than talk radio, and I can’t wait to bring two more live hours to listeners across the country.” The conservative talker adds that the show will “bring the values of podcasts – islands of advertising surrounded by oceans of content – to talk radio, merging the best of both worlds.”

And says Suzanne Grimes, Executive VP, Marketing for Cumulus Media and President, Westwood One, “Ben Shapiro is a luminary for young conservatives, and a stunningly exciting discovery for political talk radio fans. Since debuting his podcast on the radio, listenership is up dramatically on his podcast and in his radio broadcast markets, in the latest testament to the power of Ben’s narrative. Expanding Ben’s reach with a two-hour live radio show is another milestone in our dynamic partnership.”