The BlazeTV network is no longer available for Verizon Fios customers after the cable provider dropped the network from its 425-channel lineup at the end of the year. The TV network was founded by conservative host Glenn Beck and just merged with Mark Levin’s CRTV under the name Blaze Media.

Cost of programming and lack of viewership were cited as reasons for the decision to delete the network from the lineup. In its message to subscribers, Verizon Fios wrote, “We carefully review proposals from network providers to be sure their rates are in line with their viewership… As a result, we have decided to remove The Blaze from our lineup, effective Dec. 28, 2018.”

Fans of the conservative outlet were not happy with the decision. “With all the junk programming available, [Verizon] now decides to remove an information TV program,” the Washington Times reports an online poster saying. “I cannot help but to believe this decision is more about politics than viewers.” Another displaced fan posted, “Their action speaks of clear resistance to diverse views. Reverse your decision and reinstate The Blaze.”

In December, Levin and Beck announced the merging of their companies in an effort to expand their reach and programming lineup. Losing Verizon Fios TV is an unexpected bump in the road as the new group gained footing. BlazeTV is still available on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.

Beck’s 9am-noon Eastern daily broadcast radio show is syndicated by Premiere Networks to 400 stations. Levin’s 6-9pm Eastern radio show is syndicated to 400 stations via Westwood One.