Bobby Bones new studio

After spending five years in a studio that was already decades old when he arrived in Nashville, Bobby Bones unveiled a brand new studio Monday, July 15. Bones and his crew broke in the new digs with a performance by country artist Chris Janson, who played a number of his hits along with a guest appearance from Bones’ dog, Stanley.

The sparkling space includes a large console with a board and computer monitors for Bones, an additional console for co-host Amy to Bones’ left and the remaining members of the Premiere Networks-syndicated morning show across from Bones that completes a U-shaped layout so that all talent can see each other without distraction.

Bones was not a fan of the old studio, which had frequent technical mishaps. “Bobby Bones had complained ever since moving to Nashville that the equipment was so old and there were always issues with equipment during show moments,” Web Girl Morgan posted on “The Bobby Bones Show” website. “So finally, after Bones signed a new contract, it was time for a brand new, totally revamped studio.”

The studio includes multiple cameras for YouTube and Facebook Live streams of the syndicated country radio morning show while Bones is sporting a new set of wireless earbuds “instead of the old ones he's worn his entire radio career,” the post continued.

Bones worked through some technical glitches with the new equipment and said there was only one guy he felt comfortable with as the first performer: “He was the first guest in our last studio, Chris Janson.” Janson chatted with Bones about his current tour and single “Good Vibes” and then performed pieces of “Redneck Life,” “Fix A Drink,” “Truck Yeah” – a song Janson co-wrote with LoCash that was recorded by Tim McGraw – and “Buy Me A Boat.”

Check out video of the first show, and Janson’s interview and performance HERE.