After playing news clips of some of the more colorful news stories from the Sunshine State – such as “this Florida man is accused of stealing a jeep and then driving to the Winter Haven home where he took it from to ask if anybody had seen his missing cell phone” – JVC Media launched “Florida Man Radio” WDYZ (660) on 2pm on Monday, Sept. 9.

Following a legal ID that boasts the station is “broadcasting from high atop your mom,” and some clips from station talent Bubba “The Love Sponge,” Shannon Burke and Scott Ledger, Burke and Bubba hit the air live, with Orlando Sentinel reporter Hal Boedecker in tow.

“Florida Man Radio is on the air, hello Orlando my name is Shannon Burke… I never launched a radio station ever in my career, I’ve been involved in a couple of flips,” Burke said. Bubba replied, “They should have called it Florida fired radio or Florida felon radio,” a nod to the colorful history the two hosts have in the state.

Boedecker, who Bubba referred to as “Boedecker, the career wrecker” conducted an on-air interview with the hosts. When he asked “why Florida Man?” Burke told the reporter the name and concept of the news talk outlet came from JVC Executive VP Shane Reeve.

“Because all white trash has a Florida Man type situation,” Bubba interjected. “We were going to call it white trash radio but that had already been taken.”

“The point is that the city of Orlando now has a choice in talk radio,” Burke continued. “I’m not talking about the Hannity’s or the Limbaugh’s – I’m talking about real talk radio.”

“Real messed up men that lead messed up lives that have gotten in trouble for doing some messed up stuff,” Bubba said. “That’s just the 800-pound gorilla in the room, let’s just talk about it… make sure you put the Hogan part in there,” he told the reporter. “I’m the second most fined person by the FCC, had the hog deal back in the day and some kind of a Nielsen scrape up.”

Boedecker then asked the pair what Orlando radio has been missing. “I think it is missing competition,” Burke answered. “In this genre and what we do, there hasn’t been any competition. You might not even like that other station but you listen because there’s nothing else,” he added, a reference to Cox Media Group “News 96.5” WDBO-FM.

“He’s the star of the station,” Bubba said of Burke. “They just threw me on at last minute… They spent all their money on Shannon and they pretty much got me for nothing.”

Bubba will host mornings on the station, while Burke anchors afternoons. Ledger will be in middays and attorney Justin Clark will host 6-7pm weeknights.

JVC is in the process of purchasing the signal from Salem Media Group and is operating it under a Local Marketing Agreement until closing. The $900,000 price tag also included the Oviedo, FL-licensed W288CJ at 105.5, which simulcasts “Florida Man Radio.” –Jay Gleason