Bureau of Labor Statistics

The latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows some growth in the broadcasting business from a year ago, with 700 jobs added since June 2020. In addition, total jobs in broadcasting (excluding internet) have seen a gain of 1,300 from April to June of this year, reflecting stations re-hiring as vaccinations increased and mask mandates were lifted, following the worst of the pandemic.

Overall, while the Bureau reports that 850,000 jobs were added in June, including 8,000 in advertising and 5,400 in the motion picture and sound recording businesses, its seasonally-adjusted estimated number of total jobs in broadcasting stands at 240,200, off 1,300 from May.

Looking at the current figures compared to pre-COVID levels, total broadcasting jobs in June are down 26,200 from June 2019, representing a 9.8% decline. As a frame of reference, 13,200 broadcasting jobs were shed from March to April 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown, for a 5.1% reduction of staff.