Joe Benigno WFAN

CBS Corp. has reportedly been added to a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and a “frat house atmosphere” at WFAN New York, which is now owned by Entercom. The original $5 million suit filed by former account executive Lauren Lockwood named CBS Radio, station executives and WFAN midday talent Joe Benigno, who the suit claims pressed Lockwood to join him for group sex with his wife and a prostitute.

Lockwood claims that her refusal and an incident at a station event led to her suspension and eventual firing. Lockwood worked for WFAN from 2006 to July 2017, prior to CBS Radio being absorbed by Entercom.

According to the New York Post, Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Pamela L. Fischer ruled that Lockwood can add CBS Radio’s former parent company, CBS Corp., to the suit because they owned the station at the time of the alleged harassment. The parent company was not named in the original suit filed in July 2018 because at the time they had already sold the radio division to Entercom. The judge ruled that documents discovered by Lockwood’s lawyers allow them to make the case that CBS Corp. is also liable.

When the case was made public, Benigno was placed on leave for two months before returning to his midday shift with Evan Roberts.

Entercom would not comment on the original case, only saying they intend to “defend the company vigorously.” Entercom representatives did not reply to a request from Inside Radio for comment regarding the latest development.