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You don’t have to pay $2,000 to hear predictions for 2020. Starting Monday, Inside Radio will publish Radio Industry Forecast – 2020, featuring a full week of forecasting the year ahead from top industry leaders. Each day, we’ll bring you a fresh outlook from an elite group of industry execs on the revenue, digital and general business trends that will have the greatest impact on our business in 2020.

This high profile series will delve into the biggest growth drivers for radio/audio, how the deal market may pan out and what the industry can do in 2020 to get a larger share of ad dollars. Our panel of industry leaders will also size up the political ad market for radio, discuss how podcasts, smart speakers and streaming audio fit into the growth of radio, and offer their predictions for radio’s next digital game changer.

Get the straight scoop from top thought leaders in Radio Industry Forecast – 2020, starting Monday morning in Inside Radio.