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The man who Donald Trump said he would not be President without, Michael Savage, has cooled on his support of the Commander in Chief. Savage, the first radio host to endorse Trump, has become dismayed at the lack of action the President has taken on campaign promises even after being in office for more than two years, such as policies surrounding immigration, the border wall and budget deficits.

“To too many people he’s not a human being, he’s a demigod,” Savage said on a recent broadcast, the New York Times reports. “I’m going to get up every morning and do nothing but say how great he is.”

Some listeners of his program have questioned Savage on his about-face regarding the man he once called the “Winston Churchill of our time.” A self-described lifetime listener of “Savage Nation” asked the host, “I really like you, but I’m wondering why you’re losing confidence in Donald Trump?”

Savage says some Trump followers and members of his audience, don’t “care very much about the issues. They’ll vote for him no matter what because he’s not ‘them.’ I think it’s come down to ‘them’ or ‘us.’”

Count Savage as one of those followers. The host says he plans to vote for Trump in 2020. “I’m no Benedict Arnold,” he said.

His early support had Trump greeting him at Mar A Lago in 2017 saying, “I wouldn’t be president without this man.” Nowadays his invites to Presidential functions have been limited. Savage has not been to the White House since a December 2018 Hanukkah party. The host said he would not sugarcoat his views on the President’s lack of following up on promises just to gain an invite to Trump’s inner circle. He believes his listeners would see through him.

“The day [my listeners] think I’m willing to sell myself out for a pat on the head or another piece of Hanukkah candy, they’re going to say he’s just like the rest of them,” Savage said. “‘He’ll do anything for access to the king.’”