Cox Media Group

Even as its parent company prepares to sell off its radio assets, Cox Media Group continues investing in data and analytics tools, selecting the aiWARE-powered Veritone Essentials suite of applications to use across its more than 60 radio stations in 11 markets. The Essentials product is a set of intelligent applications for content ingestion; management; search; and distribution of audio, video and still images.

CMG Radio will use the applications to provide AI-powered analytics and insights for both its local direct-sales teams and its national advertising partners. Additionally, the CMG Radio content team leverages the Discovery application to generate insights more efficiently and choose which on-air content should be extended to digital mediums such as social media.

“Veritone’s AI platform will help CMG offer better, more effective marketing solutions to our customers by providing data and insight that had previously not existed in the broadcast space,” CMG Radio VP of Audience and Content Tim Clarke said in a release. “Furthermore, our content teams are excited to leverage the tool to automate tedious processes and assist with content tracking, discovery and archiving.”

Veritone President Ryan Steelberg added, “As advertising has become more data-driven, it has become ROI-driven. That means advertisers expect to see concrete evidence that it’s working. Now Cox Media Group sales reps can supply that evidence quickly, accurately and with far less effort than it used to take.”