Cumulus Media 375

Cumulus Media is mandating that all employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 ahead of the company’s previously announced return to work date of Oct. 11.

In a message to employees, CEO Mary Berner stated that all employees must have received their full dose of one of the available vaccines by Sept. 27 – two weeks prior to the scheduled return date. All employees, outside of those designated as permanently remote or who have legal exceptions to receiving the vaccine, will return to offices and studios, including those who work in the company’s corporate offices in New York and Atlanta.

Until then, the only unvaccinated employees that are allowed in company properties are local captains and pre-approved board operators, phone screeners, news hosts and anchors and engineers.

“Exceptions to the return to office plan will not be considered except as legally required,” Berner stated. “The decision to return to our offices was made with utmost consideration and reflects how we believe we can optimize our business efforts. Put simply, we believe that Force Cumulus is at our best when we’re working together in offices. To do that as safely as we reasonably can, we’re requiring that everyone be vaccinated except those legally excepted. It would neither be fair nor do we have the bandwidth to make exceptions based on individual preferences.”

The company’s account executives (who are vaccinated) are not expected to be in the building full time, but will attend staff meetings and events as determined by local management.

Cumulus Media operates more than 400 stations in 80 markets and has a workforce of nearly 4,000.