Talk and sports hybrid “Talk Radio 1470” WTOD Toledo is turning off its AM signal and changing neighborhoods. The Cumulus outlet moves this week to the Toledo-licensed translator W264AK at 100.7, fed by the HD2 channel of hot AC sister “Q 105.5” WQQO.

WTOD’s syndicated talk programming includes Don Imus, Chris Plante, Jonathon Brandmeir, Dave Ramsey, Mark Levin and Michael Savage. It will still broadcast Bowling Green State University football and basketball games at 100.7.

Meanwhile, broadcasts of University of Michigan’s football and basketball games will relocate to the company’s sister traditional country “98-3 Nash Icon” WMIM at 98.3.

With the talker moving to FM, that means the end of alternative rock format “The Zone,” which had been airing on 100.7.

“Nobody is losing their job out of this. There is plenty of work to be done,” said Andy Stuart, regional VP and market manager for Cumulus Media Toledo in a story in the Toledo Blade.

“The reason for the switch dates back at least a decade ago, when the FCC informed Cumulus that its AM station was out of compliance with its prescribed license limits,” the Blade reported. “In layman’s terms, WTOD’s transmission system in Oregon was not able to generate the signal as granted by the FCC, which affected its range in the coverage area.”

Stuart added that while Cumulus wasn’t fined, “the FCC has said we are out of time: either fix the transmitter site or turn the license back in. But the cost to fix it and what the expected return is not a good investment. We decided the best thing is to turn [the license] back and maybe someone else will want to operate it.”