Dan Bongino

Westwood One host and podcaster Dan Bongino finished treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma earlier this month as support and wishes for a full recovery continue to pour in.

Bongino, 46, was diagnosed last year after discovering a large tumor in his neck. On Friday, Feb. 5, he posted a video to Instagram ringing a bell signifying his completion of the treatment program. “It was a tough road,” Bongino captioned the video. “It’s all over. I hope.”

In a December 2020 interview with Survivornet.com, Bongino said his treatment included chemotherapy and radiation. “We’re going to go as light on the chemo as we can and on the radiation… God willing, this will be in the rearview mirror by February,” he told the online publication.

After coming out of his self-imposed Twitter boycott to mourn the death of conservative radio talk show icon Rush Limbaugh earlier this month, fans sent their well wishes to Bongino, Survivornet.com reports in its ongoing coverage of Bongino’s recovery. “I’m praying for miracles and healing,” a follower of Bongino’s commented. Another said that Bongino told Sean Hannity recently that doctors had found another mass, “which means he is still not out of the woods with cancer.”

Hannity has been a source of support for Bongino since first being diagnosed. “Sean Hannity, who is a close friend, not just a work associate, was on the phone with me – I kid you not, for probably close to five hours – and over the course of the following five days called every single contact [he had] and got me connected with the great [Memorial] Sloan Kettering institution up in New York,” Bongino said in the December interview.