Dan Bongino 375

For a second day this week “The Dan Bongino Show” was in rerun mode Wednesday. Bongino, who took his opposition to Cumulus Media’s employee vaccine mandate public on his radio show for most of last week, was MIA Tuesday and Wednesday from his program, which is syndicated by the company’s Westwood One and cleared on hundreds of radio stations in the slot previously occupied by the late Rush Limbaugh.

A statement reportedly sent by the network to affiliates said, “Dan has not taken significant time off since launching the show and is taking a well-deserved vacation.” However, Bongino, who continues to do his daily podcast, didn’t sound like he was on vacation.

“The fight with them is having a real impact. Behind the scenes it’s getting a little ugly here,” he said on Tuesday’s podcast episode. “I wasn’t on the radio today. I don’t know what they did, played the ‘best of’ or whatever.”

On Wednesday’s podcast, Bongino was pushing listeners to his subscription-based Rumble/Locals account. The alternative social media platforms were combined on Tuesday (Oct. 26), with Rumble acquiring Locals. Bongino has been associated with Rumble, which boasts 40 million users, according to the Washington Examiner, which describes the companies as “anti-cancel culture” platforms.

“It is unfortunately an ugly fight, I wish it weren’t,” Bongino said as he re-hashed the developments with his employer on Wednesday’s podcast. “Some of the people who were fired by Cumulus whose stories are piling in, they are really disturbing. I hear you… I read one of the emails yesterday and I’m going to get to more of them as time goes on.”

The email he referred to was from an unnamed employee who said they were denied a religious exemption from the policy. “When Cumulus needed him during the pandemic, he was there for them… you don’t treat people that way. I’m not going to let it happen. This fight has been wearing me down but it’s not wearing me out.”

Westwood One and Cumulus Media did not respond to Inside Radio requests to comment on Bongino’s status with the company.