Borrowed Future

Ramsey Solutions, founded by financial radio host Dave Ramsey, is launching a campaign to help students and families survive the national student loan crisis. The company has created tools and resources that will educate people on the truth about the student loan crisis and how to go to school debt-free. Ramsey Solutions has also partnered with SpeedyPrep for the “Debt-Free Degree Scholarship Giveaway,” awarding $10,000 in scholarships to eligible ninth through 12th grade students.

“Americans have been fed a lie – that it’s impossible to afford college without student loans,” Ramsey said in a release. “That lie has the average graduate burdened with over $35,000 in student loans from the moment they’re handed their diplomas. The system is broken, and we want people to know the truth – it is possible to pay cash for college.”

The resources offered include: “Borrowed Future,” a new eight-episode podcast series that explores the student loan crisis and how to go to college debt-free. The podcast features real-life stories along with interviews from thought leaders like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin and Ramsey; A “Debt-Free Degree Town Hall,” which live streamed Sept. 30, featuring Ramsey and Anthony ONeal; and a new book from ONeal, “Debt-Free Degree,” which will be available Oct. 7 and will give parents a practical plan to help their kids avoid debt while continuing their education.

“Parents and teens believe that student loans are the only option. But debt doesn’t open doors – it closes them,” ONeal added. “I travel the country speaking to thousands of people each year, and I meet students all the time who are working hard, applying for scholarships and grants and are actually graduating debt-free. I believe more parents and students can do this, but they need a plan. We’re here to provide that plan.”