Borrowed Future movie

The Dave Ramsey-produced documentary “Borrowed Future: How Student Loans Are Killing the American Dream,” debuts on streaming services tomorrow (Oct. 14).

The Ramsey Solutions production promises to uncover “the dark side of the student loan industry, exposes how it’s built to work against the 45 million Americans currently in debt for their education, and shows that it’s possible to beat the student loan system.”

“The student loan problem is out of control, and it’s messed up millions of lives,” Ramsey, who serves as Executive Producer of “Borrowed Future,” said in a release. “Smart young people got sucked into a false narrative about what success looks like, and it’s left them paralyzed. It’s time to call the student loan industry what it is: an epic failure.”

“Borrowed Future” features Ramsey, who hosts the nationally-syndicated financial advice program “The Dave Ramsey Show,” along with Seth Godin, Kristina Ellis, Dr. John Delony and Anthony ONeal, as well as CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, Mike Rowe.

The subjects of the documentary are college graduates who owe between $9,000 and $1 million in student loan debt, a debt-free college graduate, and high schoolers who haven’t yet questioned the norm of student loans.

“This film is a warning for kids and teenagers who aren’t victims of the student loan industry yet,” David DiCicco, Creative Director of Video at Ramsey Solutions added. “I want viewers to walk away from this film with eyes wide open to the true cost of student loans. Teens need to know that they can have the American Dream —they just shouldn’t listen to America on how to get it.”

Now in its 29th year, “The Ramsey Show” is the third largest nationally syndicated talk radio show, airing on more than 640 stations across the country. Ramsey’s empire has led to the expansion from radio to become a major player in the podcasting space with a podcast that is consistently one of the most downloaded shows.

“Borrowed Future: How Student Loans Are Killing the American Dream” is available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play. Watch a trailer HERE.