DAX 20202 - 375

DAX, the digital audio advertising platform owned by the U.K. broadcaster Global, will be available to digital outdoor advertisers, effective February 2020. With the additional capabilities of programmatic outdoor advertising to its audio and video ad buying functions, the company rebrands from Digital Audio Exchange to Digital Ad Exchange.

DAX now gives advertisers the ability to buy digital outdoor campaigns through demand side platforms (DSP), as they are already able to do with other programmatic media, such as audio and video. DSP launch partners include The Trade Desk, Vistar Media, Mediamath and Hivestack, with more to be announced in the coming months.

The move brings together Global’s outdoor portfolio alongside its radio and entertainment business, which the company says will give advertisers access to its digital outdoor and digital audio inventory, in one programmatic platform. Advertisers can integrate their programmatic audio and outdoor buying in areas such as geo-location targeting.

“We launched DAX back in 2014 to enable advertisers to reach their audience while they listen to the world’s most loved audio content. It’s growth since then has been down to advertisers using a variety of data sets and programmatic technology to accurately target audiences and measure the outcome,” Ollie Deane, Director of Commercial Digital at Global said in a release.

“Today we’re announcing that we’re bringing this innovation to digital outdoor. Our launch product will enable advertisers to buy through their DSP and we will introduce new and unique targeting and measurement products as the platform grows.”

In addition, in the same way that DAX represents 238 publisher brands within the audio sector – including ITV, Sky and Telegraph Media Group – Global also announced that a group of third-party outdoor media owners will be putting inventory into DAX. Admedia, Elonex and All City Media Solutions, have already signed up as digital outdoor inventory partners on DAX.