The latest batch of Nielsen’s June 2019 PPM ratings find new stations at the top of the 6+ ranker in five markets: Baltimore, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Phoenix and Seattle. The new numbers, which cover the period from May 23 through June 19, also show the beginnings of summer’s impact on some formats, as lifestyles and behaviors change with the warmer weather.

Baltimore has a new market leader as Radio One urban AC WWIN-FM (7.5-7.3-8.1) unseats urban sister WERQ-FM (9.8-8.8-8.0). Entercom AC WLIF (5.8-5.8-6.1) breaks its tie with iHeartMedia country WPOC (5.9-5.8-5.8.) as iHeart adult hits WQSR remains in fifth, although it no longer share that position with Hearst active rock WIYY which drops to eighth.

In Boston Beasley Media Group classic hits WROR adds more than half a share (7.8-7.6-8.2), pulling out of a dead heat with iHeartMedia CHR WXKS (7.1-7.6-7.2). Entercom AC WMJX rallies 6.1-6.2-6.9, moving from fourth to third, swapping places with Beasley sports WBZ-FM (6.2-7.0-5.6). iHeartMedia classic rock WZLX holds steady in fifth place ((5.9-6.0-5.5).

The Mile High City has a new station at the summit as Bonneville International country KYGO-FM tacks on a full hare (5.7-5.0-6.0) to storm from fifth to first, unseating May’s top dog Colorado Public Radio KCFR-FM, which falls to sixth place (6.5-6.2-4.6). Denver still has three rock stations in the top five but in a different pecking order: iHeartMedia classic rock KRFX jumps from sixth to second (5.4-4.9-5.8), followed by Entercom classic rock KQMT which remains in third (5.2-5.2-5.6) but no longer shares that position with iHeart adult alternative KBCO, which falls to tenth (4.9-5.2-4.4). Alternative sister KTCL slips from second to fourth while holding steady in share (4.7-5.4-5.4) and iHeart news/talk KOA jumps from a tie for sixth to fifth (5.2-4.9-5.2).

In the Motor City, iHeartMedia urban AC WMXD hangs tough as the top dog (6.1-6.9-6.9) as Beasley classic rock WCSX (6.4-6.4-6.5) maneuvers from third to second, changing positions with iHeart AC WNIC (6.1-6.5-5.9). The classic hits resurgence typically seen in the summer months is a factor in Detroit where Entercom’s WOMC (5.2-5.2-5.9) moves from seventh to a tie for third with WNIC. iHeart CHR WKQI remains in fifth (5.6-5.5-5.4). Outside the top five, iHeart’s reconstituted classic rocker WLLZ-FM cracks a four share (3.8-3.7-4.3).

In Miami all of May’s top five remain in place. Cox Media Group soft AC WFEZ (7.3-6.8-7.6) stays on top and opens up a one-share lead over second place urban AC sister WHQT (6.3-6.3-6.6). The remainder of the top five each lose share: Entercom AC WLYF (6.2-6.1-5.4), Univision Radio Spanish contemporary WAMR-FM (5.4-5.6-5.3) and Spanish Broadcasting System Spanish contemporary WCMQ-FM (5.1-5.5-4.9).

Minneapolis has a new No. 1 as Hubbard Radio hot AC KSTP relocates from third to first without gaining share (7.5-6.7-6.7), pushing iHeartMedia classic hits KQQL down a notch (5.8-6.8-6.6). Cumulus Media active rock KXXR continues to climb the Twin Cities ratings ladder (5.6-6.2-6.4), moving up to third from fourth in May. University of Northwestern St. Paul contemporary Christian KTIS-FM advances from sixth to fourth (6.5-6.1-6.2) while Cumulus classic rock KQRS is fifth (6.7-6.8-5.9), down from a first place tie with KQQL in May.

iHeartMedia adult hits KYOT-FM returns to the pole position in Phoenix, rebounding 6.6-5.4-6.6, narrowly edging out AC sister KESZ, which climbs 5.5-5.9-6.5. These gains push Hubbard Radio classic rock KLSX-FM from first in May to third in June, even though it was flat in share (6.5-6.1-6.1). Another warm weather gain for classic hits as Entercom’s KOOL-FM posts a second up book (4.1-5.0-5.3) to advance to fourth place, followed by iHeart CHR KZZP (5.1-5.3-4.6).

San Diego has a tighter horse race for the top spot in June. San Diego State University news/talk KPBS-FM remains in first (6.0-6.9-6.2) but with a narrow lead over No. 2 Entercom classic hits KXSN (5.9-6.0-6.1). iHeart CHR KHTS (5.5-5.5-5.5) and Univision regional Mexican KLNV (5.2-5.2-5.5) are tied for third while iHeart news/talk KOGO (4.4-5.0-4.8) is fifth.

In Seattle iHeartMedia classic rock KZOK-FM (5.6-6.0-6.1) and Hubbard CHR KQMV (6.6-6.0-6.1) remain tied but this time for first place as Puget Sound Public Radio news/talk KUOW-AM/FM (5.7-6.1-5.6) moves from first to third. Entercom active rock KISW posts a second consecutive up trend (4.0-4.5-4.8) to progress from seventh to fourth, followed by Bonneville news/talk KIRO-FM (4.8-4.9-4.6) holding steady in fifth.

In St. Louis, Hubbard’s market-topping classic rock KSHE (7.3-7.4-8.3) now has more than a two-share advantage over the second place station, Entercom news/talk KMOX (7.3-6.6-6.2), which bumps up to second, trading positions with KLJY (7.2-6.7-6.0). The Gateway Creative Broadcasting Christian AC is now in a three way tie for third with iHeart classic hits KLOU (6.2-5.9-6.0) and Hubbard alternative KPNT (6.0-6.6-6.0).

Even with a 0.7 share decline, Cox Media Group soft AC WDUV looks unflappable in Tampa (9.0-9.3-8.6). It has a 1.5 share lead over Beasley Media Group’s second place country WQYK, which moves from third to second with a 5.5-5.4-6.1 trend. Tied for third are Cox AC WWRM (6.2-5.4-5.7) and classic hits sister WXGL (6.6-6.6-5.7). iHeartMedia AC WMTX makes a big move from ninth to fifth (4.3-4.4-5.4).

The June survey’s top five in Washington looks almost identical as in May with Hubbard news WTOP (8.7-8.7-8.2), American University news/talk WAMU (8.7-8.4-8.0), Radio One urban AC WMMJ (7.8-7.7-7.5) and Howard University urban AC WHUR-FM (6.3-6.5-6.1) remaining in the top four positions. With a 4.5-4.5-5.3 surge, iHeartMedia AC WASH is new to the top five from seventh.