After tech problems plagued Entercom for the better part of the week, the company is slowly returning to some level of normalcy. Entercom’s companywide email system went back online Thursday after not functioning since the weekend as part of a reported ransomware attack.

While it will take some time for employees to catch up with the sudden influx of messages in their overstuffed inboxes, the company is breathing a sigh of relief after thousands of workers had to rely on personal email accounts, landlines and cell phones for communication since at least the start of the work week.

In addition to the downed email system, there have been problems in some markets with a host of other systems the company relies on to conduct business, including its AudioVault automation system, music scheduling, computer networks, printers, billing and other internal digital systems.

Engineers and IT staffers have been working around the clock to correct the problems, which are believed to have begun last weekend.

The company has yet to publicly comment on what caused the digital meltdown, although published reports say it was the result of hackers demanding $500,000 in ransom.